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Text message convo. between Lee and Kinsler

Here is a text message conversation between Ian Kinsler and Cliff Lee, via the New York Times. Currently, Rangers executives are meeting with Lee at his Arkansas home:

Kinser: “Well, just sign whatever they give you.”

Lee: “Let’s see what happens.”

Kinsler: “[I enjoyed being your teammate.]”

Lee: “I do, too, but we have to wait it out.”

Kinsler: “Just sign it.”

Lee: *Sent an image of a deer that a friend had shot*

This is nothing deliberate, but it is clear that Lee has not made his mind up yet. Even if he does want to stay in Texas, he is clearly willing to take other offers. 


It doesn’t matter what Cliff Lee wants

A lot of people seem to think that the Rangers winning the World Series means that Cliff Lee will want to return to Texas. Yes, that would make sense for most players. Usually, the team that succeeds attracts the best players.

However, this is the New York Yankees we are talking about. Just like it didn’t matter what CC Sabathia said about coming to New York, it won’t matter what Cliff Lee says. The Yankees are going to offer him an amount of money that he will not be able to say no to. Just like what happened with Sabathia.