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Bronx Weekly Issue #5: Offseason begins

Has the Bronx Zoo returned? Is postseason reform a good idea? Was the Vazquez trade a good idea? And a look at the decision to resign Joe Girardi.

Girardi close to a new contract

According to an SI.com report, the Yankees
are Joe Girardi are close to a three-year contract worth
$9-10 million. These negotiations won’t take very long if you
as me. Again, I am not happy about this. All I could have
asked for was a one-year deal. Another three years of Girardi
is tough to imagine.

Expect Joe Girardi back

Like it or not, Brian Cashman said today that the first business point in the offseason is to re-sign Joe Girardi. With not many other options on the horizon, I would imagine it is a virtual certainty that he will be back as Yankees manager. 

Naturally, this does not make me very happy. I can point to a few instances where Girardi’s decision cost the Yankees the game. If you ask me, a manager should just sit back and let the players play the game. Girardi is not that guy. He is too involved in the game to the point where it hinders the players’ ability to win.
All I can hope for is that he has learned from his mistakes.