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Future doesn’t look bright for Ortiz, Red Sox

Here is a quote from David Ortiz during the 2010 All-Star break, via ESPN.com:

“I’m going to tell you, I ain’t going nowhere. “I don’t want one year. Why should I return for one year and go through the same [stuff] I’m going through now, just because it’s my last year? No. I like to be left alone when I’m playing baseball. I know how to clean my [stuff] up.”

In addition to some pretty horrible grammar, this quote illustrates some pretty scary effects that could take course next season for the Red Sox. Despite what he feels or says now, clearly Ortiz doesn’t like playing when he knows there is no contract for him in the following year. Couple that with his recent trend of atrocious starts to the season, Ortiz — and thus the Red Sox — could have a very dark future.