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Offseason financial breakdown

The Yankees dump $68 million off their payroll this offseason. Assuming that is the number the Yankees will work with (it may go up or down) here is a possible breakdown of how that money could be used.

Free agents:

Cliff Lee: $30 M

Derek Jeter: $15 M
Andy Pettitte: $8 M
Mariano Rivera: $8 M

Arbitration eligibles:

Phil Hughes: $1 M
Joba Chamberlaiin: $1 M
Boone Logan: $1 M
This is a very rough estimate. But assuming those numbers are around reality, the Yankees will have around $3 M to play around with once all of these players are locked up. Again, the Yankees may have more money to use, but the general idea here is that they will not have enough to sign another big free agent after Cliff Lee.

Yankees should take offers on Marte

Damaso Marte announced today that he will miss the first half of next season due to arm surgery that he had on Friday. He missed most of the 2010 season as well.

After seeing the success Boone Logan has encountered, the Yankees should feel pretty confident in their left handed relief pitching. In 2009, they didn’t require a second “lefty specialist,” and it shouldn’t be a problem in the future.
Rather, the Yankees would benefit much more if they could put together a trade for Marte. Considering many teams desire to have a left handed reliever, the Yankees could probably get a nice defensive addition or possibly another offensive piece.