Expect Joe Girardi back

Like it or not, Brian Cashman said today that the first business point in the offseason is to re-sign Joe Girardi. With not many other options on the horizon, I would imagine it is a virtual certainty that he will be back as Yankees manager. 

Naturally, this does not make me very happy. I can point to a few instances where Girardi’s decision cost the Yankees the game. If you ask me, a manager should just sit back and let the players play the game. Girardi is not that guy. He is too involved in the game to the point where it hinders the players’ ability to win.
All I can hope for is that he has learned from his mistakes.


  1. 1969jets

    please steinbrenners do not resign joe girardi(monkey), unless you want to lose again. if you dont win game 6 there is no game 7. monkey should have started his gamer, petitte, you always go with your gamer, let him go as long as he is pitching well, then use whoever you have around there to continue. there is no game 7 if you dont win game 6. george steinbrenner never benched reggie for anybody. the burnett game could have been won, except that, monkey, refused to pull him after he looked tired in the 5th inning, then what happened, you know melt down…please do not resign joe (monkey) girardi, let him go to the mets, they need a manager. let jeter manage the team and play. he’s smarter and a better choice than monkey.

  2. jesskcoleman

    Pettitte in Game 6 was never going to happen. If they were planning to do that, they would have had Sabathia on short rest in Game 4 as well. The whole idea was that Pettitte and Hughes did not have to pitch on three days rest.

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