Text message convo. between Lee and Kinsler

Here is a text message conversation between Ian Kinsler and Cliff Lee, via the New York Times. Currently, Rangers executives are meeting with Lee at his Arkansas home:

Kinser: “Well, just sign whatever they give you.”

Lee: “Let’s see what happens.”

Kinsler: “[I enjoyed being your teammate.]”

Lee: “I do, too, but we have to wait it out.”

Kinsler: “Just sign it.”

Lee: *Sent an image of a deer that a friend had shot*

This is nothing deliberate, but it is clear that Lee has not made his mind up yet. Even if he does want to stay in Texas, he is clearly willing to take other offers. 


Yanks to interview Gil Patterson

The Yankees will interview Gil Patterson on Thursday as a possible replacement for Dave Eiland as the Yankees pitching coach. Patterson is currently in the A’s system, but is also a former Yankee. The A’s have granted him permission to speak to the Yankees.

This appears to be the first interview the Yankees are conducting, after Dave Eiland was fired a few weeks ago. Yankees bullpen coach Mike Harkey is also considered candidate for the job.

The free agent market is officially open

As of 12 am ET, the free agent market is
officially open. Cliff Lee and Carl Crawford will be
receiving quite a lot of phone calls. Lee is expected to go
to either the Rangers or Yankees, while Crawford has not
drawn much interest as of now, with just the Red Sox showing
minimal interest. Derek Jeter might also get some calls from
teams. It is 99.9% certain that he will go to the Yankees,
but, if something goes wrong, you never

The Buzz: Gregg an option?

According to a team press release, the Blue Jays did not pick up a club option on Kevin Gregg, and he will now become a free agent. 

The right handed, 33 year-old could be a target for the Yankees. Not that they need relief pitchers, but adding a veteran who put up a 3.51 ERA last season, and has been solid his entire career, could be a point of interest for the Yankees.

Future doesn’t look bright for Ortiz, Red Sox

Here is a quote from David Ortiz during the 2010 All-Star break, via ESPN.com:

“I’m going to tell you, I ain’t going nowhere. “I don’t want one year. Why should I return for one year and go through the same [stuff] I’m going through now, just because it’s my last year? No. I like to be left alone when I’m playing baseball. I know how to clean my [stuff] up.”

In addition to some pretty horrible grammar, this quote illustrates some pretty scary effects that could take course next season for the Red Sox. Despite what he feels or says now, clearly Ortiz doesn’t like playing when he knows there is no contract for him in the following year. Couple that with his recent trend of atrocious starts to the season, Ortiz — and thus the Red Sox — could have a very dark future.

Get ready for a disaster

Hal Steinbrenner on the upcoming Derek Jeter negotiations:

“There’s always the possibility that things could get messy. I know our fans are emotional and that’s what we love about them. But I’ve got to try to do my job on behalf of the partnership and the partners and everybody else involved in the organization. Hank and I need to keep a level head and realize that we’re running a business here.”

This is where things get interesting. Yes, Jeter will be back, but I can’t imagine that the Yankees are going to do this quietly. Hopefully, the Yankees won’t give him something he doesn’t deserve.